‘Stand Up and Yell and Scream’

After Senate Republicans voted three times in three days to block consideration of Wall Street reform, the Senate finally prepared to take up the bill to reregulate big banks and other financial institutions. Senator Bernie Sanders told a press conference outside the Capitol on Wednesday afternoon that public outrage over Wall Street abuses had helped push the Senate closer to action on real reform.  He urged Americans to keep the pressure on Congress – to “stand up and yell and scream” – to make their voices heard  as he and others try to make the bill better. Sanders has one amendment to put a 15 percent cap on credit card interest rates. Another would make the Federal Reserve turn over information about who got trillions of dollars in secret loans. He also is pressing to break up big banks that have monopolized  the American economy. He talked about the challenges ahead in a new Web video, Senator Sanders Unfiltered.