Support for Guard Families

With about 1,500 Vermont National Guard members deployed in Afghanistan, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Maj. Gen. Michael Dubie announced on Tuesday continued funding for a model outreach initiative and a new childcare program.  "When these soldiers were deployed, Vermonters made a promise to them that we would do our best to protect them and their families when they were in combat and when they returned," Sanders said. "All of us should be very proud that Vermont has come up with programs that have become, in some ways, a model for America."  At a press conference at Camp Johnson, the senator and the Vermont National Guard adjutant general detailed how $2.4 million in federal funds alloted at Sanders' request is continuing a Vermont outreach program that has become a model for other states.  Sanders secured another $1.6 million Supplemental Childcare Support for Families of Deployed Vermont Reserve Component.

To watch video of the press conference, click here.

"The Pentagon and Veterans Affairs are betting that one state - Vermont - could become a national model," wrote Stars and Stripes about the Vermont outreach program.

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