Unconscionable Cuts

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed legislation which would cut or eliminate programs relied upon by millions of American families.  Without considering the revenue side of the budget equation, the House leadership took aim at federal grants for college students, support for families struggling to pay their heating bills, children in Head Start, job training programs, and affordable access to primary health care.  "The Republicans wanted to move toward a balanced budget solely on the backs of the middle class and some of the most vulnerable people in this country, but didn't ask the wealthiest people, who are becoming much wealthier, to contribute one penny in shared sacrifice," said Sen. Bernie Sanders, a member of the Senate Budget Committee.  The senator voted against the proposal when it was raised in the Senate.  He has introduced legislation to create a surtax on millionaires and an end to oil company tax breaks.  Sanders' office is tweeting a #DailyCut list of some of the worst proposed cuts and their impact in Vermont.

Sanders' On-Going #DailyCut List on Twitter:

@MichaelMechanic, senior editor for Mother Jones magazine encouraged his Twitter followers: "Join @SenatorSanders and tweet your "favorite" #DailyCut by the #GOP http://1.usa.gov/hO9qhk"

  • Bernie's first #DailyCut: 200,000 kids under their budget proposal would be thrown off that Head Start
  • Bernie's #DailyCut #VT: Head Start cuts would mean 336 young #VT children lose services, 121 jobs lost, 25 classrooms close.
  • Tweet your own #DailyCut and RT Bernie's. Here's a list of some of the largest proposed cuts: http://bit.ly/fEMOgB
  • Bernie's #DailyCut: $1.3 billion from community health centers taking away primary care from 11 million patients. #p2 #VT
  • Bernie's #DailyCut #VT: 37,243 #VTers would lose access to community health centers under the House proposal
  • Bernie's #DailyCut: $400 million cut for the remainder of the year to LIHEAP


More Proposed Cuts from the House Republican Proposal

  • $1.7 billion cut for Social Security delaying benefits for 500,000 Americans
  • $5.7 billion cut to Pell Grants, ending or reducing grants for 9.4 million low-income college students.
  • 13,000 low-income Vermont college students would lose some or all of their Pell Grants
  • Over 35,000 low-income Vermonters -seniors, children, and the working poor -would have decreased access to Vermont's food shelves
  • Cut $405 million from Cmty Services Block Grants affecting 20 million seniors, families w/ children & the disabled
  • End $2 billion in funding from federal job training programs ending job training and other employment services for 8 million Americans.
  • Pregnancy prevention program cuts: $317.5mill. for Title X family planning; $110mill. for evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention initiative; $327mill. for family planning, $210mill for maternal and child health grants.
  • 30 percent cut to the EPA inc. $1.4 bill. from clean water and drinking water.
  • Eliminates $1 billion in funding for high speed rail.
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy cut by $786 million - nearly 35 percent
  • Cuts WIC program funding by 10% ($750mill.)
  • Title I edu. cut by $70mill impacting 2,400 schools serving 1mill disadvantaged students
  • $100mill cut to food safety inspection meaning plant closures during furloughs and $11bill. in loses by businesses
  • Cut $300mill. in scientific research.
  • Cut $1bill from the National Institutes of Health
  • Slashes $224 million from Amtrak.
  • Slashes $520 million in affordable housing by cutting the HUD Community Fund
  • Slashes $593 million from the IRS making it easier for tax cheats to avoid paying taxes.
  • The House bill would eliminate AmeriCorp.
  • Slashes federal support for the SEC and CFTC oversight of Wall Street
  • $1.4bill from state and local FEMA programs.
  • $243mill cut from border security technology initiative.