Vermont Town Meetings

Vermont Town Meetings

Sen. Bernie Sanders is holding three town meetings Saturday to hear Vermonters’ views on the economy. He’ll be in Barnet at the Congregational Church on Saturday morning, then heads to Cabot and the Willey Building Auditorium for a lunchtime gathering and then travels to the Peoples Academy in Morrisville for an evening town meeting. A fourth meeting will be held Tuesday evening in Jericho at the Mount Mansfield Union High School.

Sanders said he looks forward to discussing the need for a massive jobs program, income and wealth inequality, health care, college affordability and any other issue of concern to Vermonters. “I love doing them because I think it gives people the opportunity in a very informal, open session to exchange ideas with me and other people, and tell me what’s on their mind,” Sanders told the Stowe Reporter. “It’s the only way I can be a good senator.”

How does what he hears in Vermont contrast with the talk in Washington? “Two different worlds,” Sanders sighed. “Two completely different worlds.” Vermonters at his meetings are worried about their kids, the cost of college, the future of Social Security and Medicare. In Washington, Sanders said, different issues get attention. “That speaks to why Congress has a very low approval rating,” Sanders said. “They’re out of touch with where people live,” he told the Reporter.

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