What if There Were 83 Women Senators?

The Senate on Thursday debated a Republican measure to let employers and insurers opt out of provisions in the health care law requiring birth control coverage. "In Vermont and around the country, there is growing anger that members of Congress, mostly men I should add, are trying to roll back the clock on women's rights, in this case the right of women to receive contraceptive services through their insurance plans. This attack is grossly unfair, and I hope that men will stand with women in the fight to protect this very basic right. Let me add my strong belief that if the United States Senate had 83 women and 17 men rather than 83 men and 17  women that a bill like this would never even make it to the floor," said Sanders.

"Two years ago Congress passed a  health care reform that will expand health care access for over  30 million Americans who are uninsured as well as millions of Americans who are covered through their insurance plans." The Senate defeated the Blunt Amendment by a vote of 51 to 48.

Capitol Building