‘Why I Don't Care About Edward Snowden’

That headline over a National Journal column posted on Wednesday by Ron Fournier struck a chord with Sen. Bernie Sanders. Snowden is the former National Security Agency contract worker who divulged records about the NSA and FBI sifting through telephone and Internet records of tens of millions of innocent Americans. He has been in the media bull’s-eye since The Guardian posted a video in which he talked about his decision to turn over classified documents to the British newspaper and to The Washington Post. “He made a decision,” Sanders said. “He knew what he was doing and he will pay the consequences whatever that may be. But let’s not get distracted from what the real issue is. The real issue is not Snowden. The issue is what he revealed.” Fournier also focused on the serious questions raised about the massive and once-secret surveillance program. “Are the two programs revealed by Snowden legal and constitutional?” Fournier asked. “What else is the government doing to invade our privacy?”

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