The deadline to submit preliminary requests for Vermont-based projects for Fiscal Year 2023 has now passed. All CDS requests submitted by Senator Sanders to the Appropriations Committee must comply with Senate Rule XLIV of the United States Senate.

Disclaimer: The purpose of the application is to identify high-impact projects in Vermont that can reach completion with assistance from the federal government. For-profit entities are not eligible to receive Congressionally Directed Spending. Submission of this application should not be construed as a guarantee that funding will be requested by Senator Sanders or awarded by Congress.

Eligible Accounts: A specific list of accounts under which CDS requests were supported in the Fiscal Year 2022 process is available here. This list of eligible accounts is subject to change pending instructions for the Fiscal Year 2023 appropriations process. This website will be updated accordingly when the Fiscal Year 2023 guidance is available. Submissions to accounts that are not eligible under the FY23 guidance will not be considered.


Senator Sanders selected a number of Vermont projects for funding in the FY2022 Appropriations bill. Find all of the appropriation requests below. 

Find the full list of the approved FY2022 appropriations requests that are included in the government funding bill here. The bill awaits passage by the House and the Senate.