As your United States Senator, one of my highest priorities is making sure Vermonters receive all of the federal benefits and help to which they are entitled. I know these programs can often be complicated and difficult to navigate, which is why my staff and I are here to help.

How Can I Help?

If you are having trouble solving a problem with a federal program or agency, my office may be able to assist you. My staff have years of experiencing helping Vermonters navigate federal programs and cutting through red tape. And while we cannot guarantee a particular outcome, we can help you understand what is involved, inquire about the status of your case, encourage proper protocol is followed, and as appropriate, advocate for expedited resolution.

Request Assistance

To get help from a member of my staff, please use our ASSISTANCE REQUEST FORM and fill out the PRIVACY RELEASE FORM. You are also welcome to call my Burlington Office at 800-339-9834 (toll-free in Vermont) or 802-862-0697 (calling in the Burlington area). We encourage you to call if you need immediate assistance.

Get a Referral

As a United States Senator, I am not able to intervene on any state, local, or legal matter. For these issues, I encourage you to contact the appropriate state agencylegislator, or legal jurisdiction. If you don’t know who to call, you are welcome to call my office and my staff can help provide you with the appropriate referral information.

Share Your Thoughts

If you wish to comment on a piece of legislation or policy being considered before Congress, please use our LEGISLATIVE COMMENTS FORM.

Assistance Request Form

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