Big Pharma doesn’t want us to expand Medicare. We have to fight them

By lifting the ban on Medicare negotiating prescription drugs prices we can expand benefits and lower the age of eligibility

(The Guardian) – We are beginning to make progress in creating a government that works for all people, and not just the very wealthy. But we still have a very long way to go.

By now you’ve heard the big headlines about the American Rescue Plan that Joe Biden signed into law in March: the $1,400 direct payments, the massive expansion of the child tax credit, the extension of unemployment benefits and the production and distribution of tens of millions of vaccine doses that are desperately needed if we are going to crush this pandemic.

What you might not have heard is that we have made primary healthcare far more accessible by doubling funding for community health centers and tripling funding to get doctors, dentists and nurses into medically underserved areas. Kids who have been stuck at home for the past year will now be able to do activities this summer because of major new funding for summer and after-school programs.