Vermont Viewpoints

Vermont Viewpoints: The lack of affordable and quality child care in Vermont and throughout the United States makes returning to school or finding a career path even more challenging. Taylor Franklin of Guilford, Vermont, shares her own experiences of how the lack of decent child care options affects her as she tries to balance family, work and attending college.

Vermont Viewpoints: Christy Fry of Bethel, Serena Diaz of Rutland and Heather Morris, a member of Vermont Veterans Outreach Team, shared their thoughts about what it means to be a female veteran and how all of us can do a better job supporting them and recognizing their service.

Vermont Viewpoint: Teddy Waszazak, 21, of Barre, Vermont, said he believes the American Dream has faded. “I think a lot of my generation is growing up and realizing that this isn’t the country and the economy that we were promised we were going to have. We were just told as children that if you work hard, if you go to school, you will eventually be able to buy a house, have kids, and have whatever job you want to have. It’s been assumed that you’re leaving your children off better than you were. That’s always been the assumption … That’s part of the American Dream,” he said. “And I don’t think that’s true at all today.”

Vermont Viewpoint: Howard Sinnott of Wells, Vermont, shared his thoughts about what he sees as a fading American Dream. “I feel bad for this new generation coming up, the Millennials,” he said. “I think the system doesn’t serve the ordinary person any more.”

Vermont Viewpoint: “We should not have to spend large portions of our income in order to have access to health care – only to pay on top that in the form of co-pays, deductibles, coinsurances and other out-of-pocket expenses,” said Michael Castelli of Middlebury, Vermont, who expressed his support for Bernie’s Medicare-for-all legislation.

Vermont Viewpoint: Claire Stanley of Bakersfield, Vermont, talks about becoming the most recent generation of her family to run the Paul-Lin Dairy in Franklin County. “I was born and raised here, on our small Jersey farm. I wouldn’t have grown up any other way. It taught me responsibility, hard work, and that you have to work for the things that you really want,” she said. “There’s a lot of uncertainty in the dairy industry right now. … But I just love this life so much that it seems worth it.”

Vermont Viewpoint: “In this country, we don’t have adequate health care,” said Bill Pearson of Brattleboro, Vermont. Bill also called on Americans to “refocus our energies to the community level where people can really make a difference.”

Vermont Viewpoint: Shawn Hallisey, 53, of Waterford, Vermont, shared his thoughts on the American Dream. “The American Dream is very hard to attain nowadays,” he said. “It is not about the average Main Street American anymore. It’s about the one percent.”

Vermont Viewpoint: When asked about the top financial strains facing seniors, Ann Drennan of Craftsbury Common, Vermont, said home care and the cost of medicine are “the two biggies.” Ann shared that she paid more than $250,000 in home care costs to care for her husband during the last four years of his life. Bernie’s office has been holding a series of meetings throughout Vermont with seniors to hear their thoughts on the issues facing people in Vermont and throughout the United States.