Sen. Bernie Sanders urges Senate to support humanitarian aid for Gaza

By: Bob Kinzel; Vermont Public

Sen. Bernie Sanders is urging his colleagues to support a major humanitarian aid package for the more than two million Palestinians living in Gaza.

Speaking on the Senate floor, Sanders strongly condemned the recent terrorist attacks launched by Hamas against Israel and said the Israeli government had every right to respond.

At the same time, Sanders said it is incumbent on the United States to provide billions of dollars in aid to the victims in Gaza.

“If you think that the suffering of the Palestinian people long-term is good for Israel, I think you are sorely mistaken,” Sanders said. “The world is looking at us, and the world understands that what Hamas did was terrible, but they don’t want to see our great country turn its back on innocent women and children.”

In a written statement, Sanders also said “the bombs and missiles from both sides must end and the hostages must be returned to their families.”