NEWS: Sanders Calls on U.S. to Immediately Begin Massive Airdrop of Lifesaving Supplies and Demands Netanyahu Open Border to Allow Aid Into Gaza

WASHINGTON, March 1 – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) today issued the following statement calling on the United States to immediately begin a massive humanitarian airdrop of lifesaving supplies to the people of Gaza, who are on the verge of starvation and dehydration, and demanded that Israel open the borders to allow humanitarian aid in to Gaza:

The United States, which has helped fund the Israeli military for years, cannot sit back and allow hundreds of thousands of innocent children to starve to death. As a result of Israeli bombing and restrictions on humanitarian aid, the people of Gaza are facing an unprecedented humanitarian disaster. Whether Netanyahu’s right-wing government likes it or not, the United States must immediately begin to airdrop food, water, and other lifesaving supplies into Gaza.

But while an airdrop will buy time and save lives, there is no substitute for sustained ground deliveries of what is needed to sustain life in Gaza. Israel MUST open the borders and allow the United Nations to deliver supplies in sufficient quantities. The United States should make clear that failure to do so immediately will lead to a fundamental break in the U.S. – Israeli relationship and the immediate halt of all military aid.